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How it Works

Three simple steps take your vision to reality. Pick, Plug and Publish. That’s it!


Pick the Template You Want

Pick the website template you want, choose your hosting, plus any add-ons you’d like to have (more pages, extra features) and then check out. 

Plug your text and images into the form

We’ll email you a simple form that lets you fill in all the text and info you need for your website and upload your images.


We'll connect your tools like social media, email marketing, and your calendar

You give us the info for your social media plus your preferred calendar (Calendly, Aquity, Bookly…etc ) and email marketing (Mailchimp, Convertkit, Mailerlite…etc) or you can use our professional calendar and email marketing suite. 

Hit Publish and your website is complete!

We’ll send you a proof to look over. If everything looks good we hit publish and your website is live!


The 3 Steps Simplified:
Pick, Plug, Publish


Pick the template and the plan you want. Check-out and pay.


Plug your text and info into our plug-and-play forms and upload your images to create your site.


We send a proof for approval. You tell us to publish it and your site will be live! That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really as easy and good as it sounds?

Yes! After going through our own frustration trying to get a website we made the site builder to be as easy and accessible as possible.

How does the process work? (The short answer)

Pick, Plug and Publish

1. Pick the template you want and then choose the monthly hosting and services plan you need and pay.

2. Plug and Play your info - Shortly after, you'll receive an email with instructions. This includes a form to fill out to complete your website. Plug your info into the form and upload your images. You can submit your own logo and preferred colors or choose from a selection of pre-designed logos and color palettes. We provide instructions for how to connect your email, calendar, and any other marketing tools. Or for a small fee we will connect it all for you.

3. Publish: We whip up your website using the info you send us. You approve it, hit publish, and your website is live!

Who hosts my website?

We do! We'll host your website on our secure servers for as little as $14.99 a month depending on the template you choose and the tools you use. Most people pay $24.99/month.

How quickly can I start after I pay?

Right away! How quickly your site goes live will depend on the plan you choose and how quickly you fill out your forms. The basic and premium plan will have your site up within 3- 7 business days of you filling out your forms. If you're in a rush you can pay for an expedited site and get it as soon as 48 hours.

Who owns my website and the content?

You are the owner of your website and all the content on it. The only exception is if you use our stock photography. Then you are only licensing those images. You still own everything else.

If I use a template will my website look like all the other websites?

No! There are so many different variables (like your own photos, colors, text...etc) that no two sites look alike. Once you add your personalized information your site will look very different than any other site.

What if I don't have any of my own pictures, text, logos, or anything else for my site? Can you write it all for me? What about using your pictures?

If that's what you want our Premium option is perfect for you. Just pick your template and let us fill your site with content using our own professional stock photos, copywriters, logo, and colors. You don't need to provide anything but you can show us a mood board or similar sites you like for inspiration.

Do you do completely custom sites that are made from scratch without using one of the templates?

Yes. Reach out to us about your project via our contact page .

Can I add more pages? Can I delete pages I don't want? Can I get rid of or change certain sections of my website template?

Yes. We created templates meant to fit your exact needs for your niche but there might be certain areas that don't apply to you or your business. There's no such thing as a one size fits all solution, so you can tell us which sections you don't want to use. You can also add any sections from another template to your template if you see something you need. If you need a lot more personalized customization you can always choose the option for a custom website.

Do I need my own logo?

You provide your own logo for High Vibe Sites. Or we create a chic logo and color palette for you when you upgrade to High Vibe Sites Premium. Many people find they don't need a fancy logo and prefer to follow the current trend to have your name or business name written in a creative or beautiful font instead. If you want us to design your logo we have two types of add-on packages. $149 to create a logo from our pre-selected logos or $499 for a custom logo and color palette package.

How do I use email marketing with the Site Builder?

You can follow our simple instructions to connect your preferred email marketing and newsletter provider (MailChimp, Convert Kit, Mailer Lite, Constant Contact...etc) to your site. We can also connect it for you for a small fee. If you don't have an email marketing system you can use our professional High Vibe marketing suite which includes email marketing.

Can I add my calendar and scheduling tools?

Yes, you can add Calendly, Acuity, TidyCal, Book Like a Boss or other similar calendars or we can connect it for you for a small fee. We also have our own calendar with full scheduling capabilities, CRM, and payments through Stripe and PayPal with our High Vibe marketing suite.

What if I need support for my site or want to make changes after it's done?

We offer free lifetime support for your site. If you'd like to make changes to your site after it's completed we charge small fees for additions and changes, depending on the type and scope of changes.

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

Yes! We do. You can learn all about how to make money with Aligned Site Builder on our "Referrals" page.

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